Almost half of parents raid their kids' college savings accounts


45% half of parents raid their kids' college saving

Nearly half of parents with college savings for their children have withdrawn some of the balance in the past two years, according to new data from T. Rowe Price, which surveyed 1,086 parents with children ages 8 to 14. Of the 282 who had taken money from their child's college savings, just 18 percent used at least some of the funds to pay for their kids' education — and only 3 percent used the money solely for education.  

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Delayed financial gratification


Delayed financial gratification

"People who put less emphasis on the future might make decisions in and before retirement that expose them and their families to greater risks, the authors concluded."

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Labor force participation rate rising for those over 65


Labor force participation rate rising for those over 65

A rising share of Americans is holding jobs into their golden years, bucking the overall trend of people leaving the labor force that is concerning Federal Reserve policy makers trying to boost growth. As the elderly continue to work, their paychecks are fueling spending and contributing to the U.S. economic expansion.

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Do What Makes You Happy

photo by DrStarbuck 

Do What Makes You Happy

Wanted to Create a Fish Business

John was a gentle man that I met while working at a local hospital as a maintenance person. John had some walking difficulties but helped in the cleaning department where I worked. We sometimes shared lunch on the roof. He often spoke of having a fishing business where he could fish for his own use, rent boats and live close by. He was a dreamer like we all are. But he was different then most of us. he was totally committed to having this retirement climate he often spoke off. John retired from the hospital two months before I left for a new job. I never imagined I would ever see him again.

Made His Dream Come True

Ten years later while visiting a neighboring Elks Lodge I ran into John who was an Elk member like I was. At first it was just small talk then he mentioned he was slowly making his dreams come true. He said that five years ago he purchased a small cottage on a medium lake and was currently fixing up the cottage and soon would be renting out rowboats for people to fish from. The lake was a good source for catching bass and other eatable fish. He told me where he was located and I rent a boat from him numerous times the next summer. The lake was super for fly-fishing and I enjoyed our conversation together fishing and some Bud Light. He truly made his dreams come true.

Passed Away Doing His Dream

A few years later after moving to a new state I received a call from a brother Elk and learned John had passed away doing what he always wanted to do, he died while fishing. What a way to go, doing the thing you like the most to do. A brother Elk of mine purchased his home and business. I hope he’s having as much fun as John did.

Don't Wait Do

Retirement should be a time of doing things that bring joy to your life and not just a time for waiting to die. I miss my early years but like the joy of being free to do what I want. Currently I find writing my joy and hope it continues for as long as it works for me.

Happines Should Be Your Goal

Forget about getting old and just make good plans that involve being happy at what you’re doing. Life should be happy till the last breath leaves your body. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

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Pay Everything Off

photo by Casey Serin

Pay Everything Off

Start With a Clean Slate

Starting a new life as a retired person is a more rewarding event if all your debts are paid off. You can accomplish this in many ways.

Sold His House

A co-worker of mine sold his house and used the profits from the sale to satisfy all his debts. This included paying off his car balance, all credit cards and a credit union loan he took out four years ago to help his daughter with tuition costs for going to college.

Purchased a Fixer Upper

At this point he had a positive cash balance of forty thousand dollars, when he invested in an old house he planned on repairing and the reselling for a nice profit.

Rented a Studio Apt.

Then he found a rental facility in the town where his daughter was going to school. It was a studio apartment that only cost him a modest rent which include all utilities.

Found a Companion

The last time I say him at a social event he said things couldn’t be better. He was living the life of a retired person with two pensions and social security. He said he’s met a nice lady and they shared time together and each wished to remain in there own dwellings. He and I smiled and parted shaking hands. Boy did he have this retirement stuff figured out.

Moved into Government Housing

Mary a former neighbor has retired and moved into a senior facility, which is being sponsored by the government thru HUD. She pays thirty percent of her income for rent and receives help paying her utility bills. She occupies a duplex with one bedroom, which has a walkout patio area. The complex is new and nicely taken care of. It is also located in a small town with no crime problems. She too is doing well in her retirement. She also said she paid off all her debts and has a small nest egg for future plans to travel around the United States. Sounds like a good well thought out plan.

Time to Be Happy

Retirement is a time to do all those things you wanted to do when you had to work. Now with good planning and no debt things like this are very much in the realm of coming true.

Paying off your debts is a great way to start your second life. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

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Experiment Before Retirement

photo by Nadya Peek

Experiment Before Retirement

Take Your New Thoughts for a Spin

Most people when they move into the second phase of their life have plans on paper or in their head on what they want to do and they know it will be a good thing for them. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. We never know how were going to react to something till we do it, that's when we find out whether we like it or if it’s going to work like we thought it would.

Don't Just Think Know

I have had the pleasure, joy and opportunity to talk to many retired persons and have discovered that what they thought was going to be good for them or etc, turned out to be nothing like they thought it would. My survey on this subject probable covered over fifty people over a number of years. But I did discover what I think to be a truism and that is that if you try something before you retire and give it a good run for the money you will discover what you like and don’t like. And you almost always didn’t have a real clue about the job or business you were going into.

She Took a Job to Learn

Almost to a person success was achieved because the retired person learned the job one hundred percent before they retired and knew exactly how it worked and the true reality of the job or business. One lady I interviewed had this incredible ability to create purses and sold them from her home and her advertising was just her happy customers who kept coming back to her. She wanted to open a store of her own and sell more of her goods. But she was smart and got hired at a store that sold products and sold things she already makes. During her six months there she learned everything she needed to know and then decided to retire and open her own place. She told her employer of her plans and the owner offered her a partnership and put up the money to get the business started. The last time I heard of her, she was now over seeing three locations and having the time of her life.

It Wasn't Luck it Was a Plan

Yes that would appear on the surface to be more luck then anything else, but nothing could be further from the truth. She knew what she wanted to do and knew how to make the products that people liked and then she knew she had to learn the business first hand and she did that by working for someone else till she knew everything she needed to know. Then she told her boss that she would be leaving and then this business offer was made to her. It wasn’t luck it was a plan and she worked at it till it worked.

Know by Doing & Then Do Your Dream

Take it from one who knows, don’t move a muscle till you know everything you need to know and then get some experience and then leap into life and life will make a place for you. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

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A Document That Still Lets You Decide

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A Document That Still Lets You Decide

In Case You Don't Wake UP

Its just like a will when you pass away the only difference it that it takes affect when your declared brain dead but still living on your own or are being kept alive by means other then yourself. Like getting oxygen and getting help via a breathing machine. Your attending doctors will make the decision your brain dead via a number of methods, when this happens your living will take over and your attending Judge will sign the appropriate papers that will active the living will you created and the judge will enforce it and order the hospital and doctors to do what you want done in your living will.

To Avoid Being But Not Here

Many people chose this course of action and create a living will, primarily because they don’t want to be sustained in a vegetated state by machines and would rather just be let to have nature take its course.

You Need A Lawyer

This kind of will is as I understand it is required to be created by a certified lawyer and then you will sign the document and your signature with be properly witnessed and be legally stamped by a qualified person. Then a copy of the document filed with the patients doctor, hospital and the administrator of the will.

Give Peace to Your Mind

Many people are finding living wills a comforting thing to have in their life and it gives them comfort to know they won't be forced to remain in a vegetable state and can't do anything about it.

New But Right for Many

Living wills are a relatively new concept and are not widely promoted yet, but they are gaining popularity and starting to be used more and more.

Let What Will Happen

Many people take exception to this concept and want the forces of the universe to determine their living or dying in the earthly world.

Don't Leave the Problem to Others

Many families find themselves in bitter battles to keep a loved one alive or let them die. This generally is between parents and spouses who see things different and about whether to live or die. A recent family battle was settled in court and lasted almost six years to resolve. It involved the court and the governor of the state where this person resided.

Here’s the point of this article, you have two will choices and if you so wish you can use both of them and determine the final concerns of your dying.

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Your Friend for Life

photo by Kıvanç

Your Friend for Life

Stay Active and Keep Learning

Don’t retire just find another project that consumes all your time. I think the first step towards losing yourself is to think that doing nothing is going to work great for you. Your mind is your best friend and your best friend always needs something to figure out to keep itself healthy and if its healthy then so are you.

It Loves Being Busy

Sometimes we all need a refresher course to make ourselves understand that our best friend loves having something to think about. It loves to solve problems and learn new information. It’s kind of like a coal furnace and needs you to keep shoveling coal in so that it can keep providing good input to you. If it runs out of coal your going to pay the price by being less of a person then you want to be.

Plan To Be Occupied

Would you stand by and watch your closes friend slip slowly into the dark corner of the basement. Well that’s what you will be doing it you decide to sit back and just let life drive you where it wants to go. Imagine just for a moment if your driving down the street and just out of know where you decide to leave the driving to the resources of your car. Sound crazy well that’s what you will be doing if you retire without having something to replace the time you spend working.

Up And Running

So your objective is to leave one activity and have a new activity waiting in the wings. And it goes without saying that the new activity must also be up and running and because of this you already are aware that it’s working well for you. If this isn’t the case do the new activity for a while and that will give you the feelings whether you want it to be your next activity to involve yourself in.

Working Good Make the Move

Remember never leave one good working opportunity for another till the new activity is up and running and good feelings are being produced.

Retirement Requires Continual Learning

Retirement gives you flexibility to explore all kinds of new opportunities and that if its done properly your mind will always be expanding and finding new things to do. That will keep your life humming like a brand new car that never gets old. Remember retirement just means moving onto another project that fills your mind with new opportunities to grow. And growing your mind is a healthy mind. Always live and be happy.

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