Do What Makes You Happy

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Do What Makes You Happy
By FacingRetirement.com

Wanted to Create a Fish Business

John was a gentle man that I met while working at a local hospital as a maintenance person. John had some walking difficulties but helped in the cleaning department where I worked. We sometimes shared lunch on the roof. He often spoke of having a fishing business where he could fish for his own use, rent boats and live close by. He was a dreamer like we all are. But he was different then most of us. he was totally committed to having this retirement climate he often spoke off. John retired from the hospital two months before I left for a new job. I never imagined I would ever see him again.

Made His Dream Come True

Ten years later while visiting a neighboring Elks Lodge I ran into John who was an Elk member like I was. At first it was just small talk then he mentioned he was slowly making his dreams come true. He said that five years ago he purchased a small cottage on a medium lake and was currently fixing up the cottage and soon would be renting out rowboats for people to fish from. The lake was a good source for catching bass and other eatable fish. He told me where he was located and I rent a boat from him numerous times the next summer. The lake was super for fly-fishing and I enjoyed our conversation together fishing and some Bud Light. He truly made his dreams come true.

Passed Away Doing His Dream

A few years later after moving to a new state I received a call from a brother Elk and learned John had passed away doing what he always wanted to do, he died while fishing. What a way to go, doing the thing you like the most to do. A brother Elk of mine purchased his home and business. I hope he’s having as much fun as John did.

Don't Wait Do

Retirement should be a time of doing things that bring joy to your life and not just a time for waiting to die. I miss my early years but like the joy of being free to do what I want. Currently I find writing my joy and hope it continues for as long as it works for me.

Happines Should Be Your Goal

Forget about getting old and just make good plans that involve being happy at what you’re doing. Life should be happy till the last breath leaves your body. That’s how I feel and I’m sticking to it.

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